The Story of Cuckoo Clocks

The origins of the cuckoo clock is a little murky but it is generally believed the first cuckoo clocks were made between the 16 and 1700's.

The idea for the cuckoo sound was taken from the bellows of the church organ. One story is a glass peddler who travelled to Czechoslovakia brought back a wooden clock called a "wood beam" clock, which used wooden gears and stones for weights. It may have been crude but it was better than the sun dials and hour glass that were used at the time.

As time when by, people started making clocks in their homes over the long winters to sell in summer for a little extra money.

Clock making became very popular and people started to specialize in making the gears or carvings or cases. The clock peddlers would buy these pieces and assemble the clocks to sell all over Europe.

The cuckoo clock has improved over the years until they became the beautiful clocks they are today.

A cuckoo clock of today is still and hand-carved work of art, that will become an antique of the future.